Michelle Hoffman


Michelle Hoffman, 25

"My skin is so wonderful. I'm just so happy with the results of Proactiv. It's amazing."

 I first started breaking out probably when I was about 20-21 years old. It really wasn't too bad. It just kind of consecutively got worse as time went on. And then when I got married, got engaged – I got married when I was 22 - I wanted my face to look really good. So I started using [it] – I used one set of the Proactiv Solution with the cleanser and the toner and the Repairing Treatment. And it cleared up my face perfect for my wedding.

The first night I used Proactiv, it just felt so good and it felt so clean and fresh. And I woke up the next morning, and I would run to the bathroom and look at my face and I didn't have those new breakouts. Sure, I still had the scarring from the old breakouts but I didn't have anything on top of that, which was so wonderful. It was great.

Before I started using Proactiv Solution, my face was swollen from the breakouts and it was tender to the touch. It was so sore. And if I was to run my fingers over my face, it was just bumps upon bumps... it was awful. It was so awful.

And now I just love it. My skin is so wonderful. I'm just so happy with the results of Proactiv. It's amazing.

Using Proactiv Solution, I find that every day my skin looks better. I've had so many scars because my acne got so bad that everyday they lighten and they lighten and they lighten. And I get compliments from my students at school. I get compliments from my family and my husband telling me how great my skin looks.

Michelle Hoffman, 25