Types of Acne

Whiteheads: When the comedo (the oil and skin-cell plug) stays below the skin's surface, it is called a whitehead. This non-inflammatory acne pimple is also called a closed comedo.


Blackheads: When the comedo (plug that blocks the hair follicle) widens the pore and is exposed to the air, it is called a blackhead. This non-inflammatory acne is also called an open comedo. The darker color is not dirt; rather, it is the affect of oxidation and light refraction.


Papules: Inflammatory acne that appear as small, firm, pink bumps that may be tender to the touch. They often turn into other types of acne.


Pustules: Inflammatory acne that appear as small, round bumps that are usually reddish at the base with whitish or yellowish pus visible at the center.


Cystic Acne or Nodules:Inflammatory acne that is usually large, inflamed, pus-filled and painful. It is characterized by a cyst-like nodule of inflammation.


Acne Conglobata:A rare but serious form of inflammatory acne that develops mainly on the back, buttocks and chest, and is characterized by interconnecting lesions with the potential for significant scarring.