Acne Affects Teens & Adults

When most of us think of acne, we think of it as a teenage problem. That makes sense because vast majority—some 90%—of teenagers do experience acne, including many for all of their teen years. But acne also is common in adults. Specifically, about half of adult women, and a quarter of adult men, experience acne at some time.

Lingering Problems with Lasting Effects

The psychological, social and physical effects of adult acne can be just as serious as the effects of teenage acne—and in some cases can be worse. For example, because skin loses collagen with age, it's more difficult for it to bounce back after tissue damage; this means adult acne may be more likely to result in permanent scarring.

Awareness Creates Change

As people become more comfortable discussing and dealing with the embarrassing health issue of adult acne, they are learning to be "proactive" about seeking treatment. It was the severity and expense of prescription medicines, and the ineffectiveness of some drugstore "spot treatments," that led our two Stanford-trained dermatologists to create Proactiv. Their goal was to address the root causes of acne problems with new, science-based at-home treatments, including a full range of pharmaceutical-grade, medicated skincare products that are effective, gentle and easy-to-use.